Family Works, Inc. is a private, community based agency, founded in 1990 to provide counseling and support services to children and families who are experiencing challenges. Two basic beliefs guide the work of the agency: Raising a family today is increasingly challenging and that no family is without hope. We believe that with therapy, education, and support, family members can learn to solve their problems, thereby lessening their chances of having a child placed out of the home. Or, when placement is necessary, services are utilized to maintain vital family relationships and a smooth transition back to the home. Permanency planning efforts will be utilized for those children who need these services.

Family Works is committed to the principles of family preservation and representative of a national trend which focuses on the family as the primary unit of importance. The agency uses a family focused approach to therapy recognizing the importance and strength of the family as the primary care provider. Working with a family focus also helps to keep the parents in charge.

Family Works utilizes a systems approach, viewing the involvement of all family members as important and necessary for change. Each family is helped to discover their own unique strengths and capabilities as well as areas in which behavioral changes are needed.


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