Professional Opportunities:

Since its inception in 1990, Family Works has maintained a strategy to hire professionals with exceptional proficiencies in family counseling, education, and support for the Central Indiana area.

By securing talent with not only great technical skills but also an intimate understanding of how family relationships grow and change, Family Works is able to focus on strengthening family units. This builds trust and establishes stronger family support structures which is what we aim to do with each case.

Current Openings
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Case Manager
Visitation Facilitator

A Collaborative, Collegial Culture

Family Works offers a cooperative, empowering, and healthy environment. We take work with our clients very seriously, but we appreciate the power of personal interests and self-care. This is an emotional industry and we understand employees have lives outside of work. In addition, the company shares its success through a supportive, teaching, and communicative office environment.

Here are a few comments from employee team members about what differentiates Family Works:

“I feel that Family Works is truly an agency that cares for its clients and employees! The management team puts a lot of work and time to make sure that their employees are receiving proper training opportunities, helping their employees manage their stress, are willing to work with employees when challenges arise, are supportive in efforts in their work and personal goals, recognizing the positive contributions of staff, promoting an environment that fosters a genuine sense of care and collaboration.”

“The agency provides independent practice with a strong support team. The agency is consistent in providing whatever needed by the employee with the appropriate material and support, both physical and emotional.” 

“It is a smaller agency, so there is more access to supervision and advice from a supervisor when needed.  The staff are all very friendly and willing to assist with interventions and advice.”

Is Family Works Right For You?

If your background includes community-based counseling, family counseling, or child welfare counseling AND you believe that you and Family Works, are a good match, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Please email your resume and cover letter or call 317-923-4437 Extension 408.


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